New feet

New Feet Introduction

New Feet is a Danish footwear manufacturer, who make shoes for sensitive feet. FEATURES OF NEW FEET

Picos© is the new warm lining used by New Feet.

• The material is sustainable certified

• Skin-friendly and very suitable for people with diabetes

• High level of transport of moisture and isolation

• Durable

In combination with the soft leather used by New Feet a very high comfort is obtained.

OrthoStrech™ - as a glove for your feet
Feet are different.

New Feet footwear must be adjustable to fit your individual needs.
Footwear with stretch material is very comfortable and can be used by all whose priority is comfort.
But stretch is also an important functional feature for people with diabetes, arthritis, bunions, corns, hammer-toes and users of bandages and support stockings.

High comfort
Do you want footwear that does not apply pressure - but you still want the feeling, that it fits without being tight - then OrthoStretch™ is the right choice for you.

Feet with bunions must have extra space. But at the same time the footwear must fit comfortably. OrthoStretch™ gives you flexibility at the tender spots.

A foot with hammer toes needs extra space above the toes. OrthoStretch™ makes space - without designing the footwear with extra height.

Easy adjustments of the footwear is a key feature for New Feet products.

The Velcro straps are extra long and divided with frames, that makes it easy to adjust the length. In this way a pair af shoes can be used by a person with a need for extra space in the one shoe - due to swollen feet, stockings or bandages.

New Feet insoles / orthotics

New Feet offers two types of insoles:
Protektor® and Korrektor®

Protektor® is a shock absorbing insole that protects your joints in legs and feet.
We offer two versions: Basic 6 mm and Basic 3 mm.

Korrektor® is an orthotic that counteracts over-pronation.
Available in different sizes and hardness (high medium density).

OnSteam® is a new lining material used by New Feet.

The material is normally referred to as Technical Leather, as it feels and look much like leather. But it is a micro fibre material, that allows 6 times higher more transport of humidity as leather - and it absorbs moisture very fast.
The result is more comfort in footwear, that feels dry.
OnSteam® is anti-bacterial.

For people with diabetes OnSteam® has the big advantage, that it will not turn hard and crackle, like leather does by time.

OnSteam® is free of crome and is produces without damage to the CO2 balance. The manufactor of OnSteam® is certified sustainable.
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